Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 2016!

A new and wonderful year! 

I'm so behind on blogging and I've put my photography on the back burner thinking my bad vision has made photography harder. But the truth is its all in my head. I can still do great photos if I want to. So, this summer that will be my goal. I would very much like to focus my photographic attention on the southwest. I love it here. The beauty and peacefulness and I want to capture that. So, please be patient. I'll have some photos soon. In the meantime, I want to mention that I've recently discovered and become a literary addict to the Pendergast series of novels by Preston and Child. I'm even seriously tempted to visually creating what I believe Agent Pendergast looks like. At least in my minds eye just for fun. Anyone else like their novels? 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A wonderful new year!

Sunday January 19, 2014

Such a wonderful new year! I'm 30 weeks pregnant with a healthy, adorable baby boy growing inside of me. And sometime around March 28th he will grace this world with his presense. I'm so excited to see and hold him! But for now I'm preparing for his arrival. I've hired an interior designer to design his bedroom which is slowly coming along. I have almost all of the furniture (minus a book shelf for books and toys and a rocking chair). The walls are painted a lovely shade of blue and light brown and so is his bathroom to match. My little boy will be so lucky! He will have so many nice things that I never had when I was born and growing up. And that is the way I want it. I don't want him to be without or suffer the way I did growing up. And as for his name that is temporarily a secret. Sorry. I already know what name I want for him but I don't want to reveal the name until I've tried it on him to make sure it fits and that will have to wait until he is born. 

As for the rest of my life: I'm temporarily taking time off from school to be a mom. I've made straight "A's" so far in college which I'm proud of but being a mommy comes first. I've also neglected my photography education and business for school but this off time and whatever time I can manage I can spend practicing and improving my photography. Web Design is also a skill I still want to master and pretty much anything digital art wise. I also need to go back and study investing like I've done for years  but have put aside for school. I've so much to do and no energy! 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

Wow! Its been forever since I last updated my blog. Sorry. But so much has happened since then. One thing that has happened that I'm thrilled about is that I am finally pregnant with my first child. I'm about 5 months pregnant now and getting bigger by the day! I don't know yet if I'm having a boy or girl but to be honest I don't care. Just as long as my little baby is healthy. I'm also in school still finishing up my degree in Digital Arts although I will have to take a semester or two off to be a new mom. Hopefully, I'll be able to resume it in the fall of 2014 or at the latest spring of 2015. We'll see. Life is too full of surprises to make any significant plans. I'll just keep that as my focus and see what happens. 

Aside from that; Happy Halloween everyone!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mixed Media Photography

A new year to me is a time of rebirth. A time to begin anew - unburdened by the shadows of the past. This year I will devote myself to evolving my photography into a more artistic form: Mixed Media Photography. My artistic style will reflect how my soul likes to express itself: in ethereal elegance full of vibrant color. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gary Sinise and the Lt Dan Band

Gary Sinise and the Lt Dan Band 
Phoenix, AZ September 1, 2012

All of my Gary Sinise and Lt Dan Band Photographs are copyrighted. Do not use without my permission. Contact me via my photography website for any questions pertaining to purchases or publishing rights of these photographs.

I got such a rush every time Gary looked at me. It meant nothing to him but to me it meant everything in the world. It made me feel like I mattered. Sometimes all you have to do is give someone your attention to make them feel special. Thank you Gary. 

A terrible photo. It was so dark and I had not set the right exposure fast enough. But I still love the photo for personal reasons because he was looking right at me when I snapped the shot. How could Gary or the band members see any of the audience at all? 

Click on this link to see and read more about Gary by me.