Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Earrings

Gothic Halloween Earrings
Just in time for the holidays

Now on sale in my Etsy shop
Dark Ethereal on Etsy

Me all dressed up for Halloween and modeling my new skull and crimson tear drop chandelier earrings

Gothic Photography

To celebrate Halloween 2011 I'd like to include some gothic photography that I like that I think compliment this fun and festive holiday occasion.


gothicphotos11 10

gothicphotos5 8

gothicphotos2 9

gothicphotos2 7

gothicphotos2 8

gothicphotos2 6

gothicphotos 25

gothicphotos 8

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Elaborate One-of-a-Kind Fashion

I love this dramatic headpiece. Stunning and truly unique. And if it is all diamonds. Wow!

There is nothing more dramatic to me in fashion than an Indian bride. It's over the top embellishing at it's prettiest.  

Haute Couture Costumes.

Luxurious and Divine Edwardian style headpiece.

I call this an Empress Gown. It just looks so regal and royal to me.

Beautiful Costumes from the movie "The Fall"