Friday, February 17, 2012

Melody Farmer Photography 2012

As I continue to refine myself as a professional photographer and slowly build my new business I am constantly daunted by the difficult challenges before me. It is true that the photography market is flooded with new photographers thanks to the digital age and how cameras can take amazing photos without a whole lot of technical know-how leaving real, very hard working photographers with extensive knowledge and experience way too much competition. This may seem unfair but I am not discouraged. Despite these difficulties a good camera can't necessarily take a great photo. Only a skilled, well trained photographer can do that. And where the digital age and a really well made camera has made photography much more refined and beautiful creatively it can't replace superb technical skill. That I do not think will ever go away. I am, I'm sorry to say (and know), one of those many "amatuer" photographers trying to go pro. Yet, unlike many amatuers out there I am dedicated to becoming a sincere and very well trained and skilled photographer. Granted this will take many years and require constant study and improvement, I have faith that I will one day achieve my goal. In the meantime, I will have to build my business and my reputation slowly.

This blog, which I am also endlessly improving, will now become solely focused on photography. I would like to make it also as instructional as possible so that it can be of some use to people who want to learn more about photography.

                                                                                                   - Melody Farmer

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