Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ethereal Movies and Music

This is one of my favorite movies.

The Fountain

There is something so beautiful about this love story that mesmerizes me and Hugh Jackman's performance is beyond amazing. Even the soundtrack is ethereal to me.



I don't know if Amethystium is a single composer or a group of  people creating their unique and ethereal music. But Amethystium is by far my favorite.

From the album Odonata

From the album Emblem


I love rock and roll as much as the next person but there are some songs that are so hauntingly beautiful as to be unforgettable. This song by Staind called 'Epiphany' is one of those beautiful pieces.

Music by Staind


Sometimes you have to search in other places to find amazing pieces of music. Songs that you can't hear on the radio or on TV but are so incredibly beautiful and moving you wonder why. Here is one of those beautiful works of art.

Letter to Heaven
Music by Ruth Ann


This next song is very sexy to me, as well as, ethereal. It invokes the feeling of two people so deeply in love with each other that neither time or distance keeps them apart. It was also nice to find a beautiful video to compliment the song.

Music by Zara

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